Massive bleeding is intense and rapid blood loss , after damage to arteries or a large network of veins, it can also be a mixed variant, so saying that you can distinguish massive bleeding by pulsating and flowing light red blood is wrong.

Massive bleeding occurs for a variety of reasons, including severe injuries in car accidents, gunshot and stab wounds, agricultural amputations, etc. Loss of blood is dangerous, as massive bleeding can lead to rapid development of the body in a state of shock . Blood loss reduces blood flow to internal organs and the brain, which leads to a lack of oxygen and nutrients, which can lead to death.

The time from massive bleeding to death depends on various factors, such as the intensity of the bleeding, the individual health status of the person, delayed stopping of the bleeding with a tourniquet . sometimes death can occur within minutes or even seconds. As a result, massive bleeding is very dangerous and requires immediate medical attention.

Knowing how to properly provide first aid and knowing how to use a tourniquet can be the only life-saving measure in the event of an injury or disaster.

A tourniquet is a medical device used to stop massive bleeding until more appropriate medical attention is received .

Fig. 1. CAT gen7

Fig. 2. TMT tourniquet

Fig. 3 Sich tourniquet

The use of a tourniquet is necessary to prevent further blood loss in time until the victim reaches a medical facility and receives specialized surgical assistance. It is important to mention that the tourniquet should be used responsibly and only in situations where massive bleeding is observed (a pool of blood under the victim, a stream of blood gushing from a limb, a clot the size of a fist is equal to half a liter of blood, so you should assess nearby blood clots, blood-soaked clothes and etc.), however, if you do not know whether a tourniquet should be placed in a certain situation, the answer is simple - it is NECESSARY. This is a temporary solution, but it should be emphasized that a tourniquet applied for up to 2 hours is completely safe and the limb will be saved. Long-term (6 hours and more) application of a tourniquet can cause more serious consequences, such as tissue damage, possible vascular and nerve injuries, limb amputation.

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