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CAT gen 7 tourniquet

CAT gen 7 tourniquet

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The 7th generation of the time-tested "Combat Application Tourniquet" tourniquet CAT gen 7 of American manufacturers is one of the most popular and most tested in real conditions. An 85% reduction in mortality in massive extremity bleeding and 100% product reliability under all conditions make this tourniquet one of the most popular on the market.

Perfect for complementing the car and office first aid kit.

Despite the excellent research results and advanced technologies of the previous generation of CAT turnstiles, the updated, 7th generation, has improved even more:

  1. A single-loop buckle provides faster and easier application of the tourniquet with either one or both hands.
  2. The grinding mill is stronger, thicker and more reliable than previous generations. Notches at the ends of the grinder ensure better fixation of the tourniquet.
  3. The locking loops of the grinder are stronger than in previous generations, the possible locking on both sides ensures convenient use of the tourniquet with both hands.
  4. Loop Locking Strip - Updated colors and more durable. The gray color is less noticeable in a tactical situation, which helps to remain more inconspicuous.
  5. Stabilizing plate - a more comfortable, reinforced plate causes less discomfort to the victim.
  6. Internal tourniquet band - the freely moving and uniform pressure inner band of the tourniquet provides 100% reliability in every situation.

Color black.

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