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Bandage for Stopping Bleeding "ChitoGauze® XR Pro"

Bandage for Stopping Bleeding "ChitoGauze® XR Pro"

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ChitoGauze® PRO is a Z-folded, chitosan-impregnated gauze. Chitosan is a naturally occurring, biocompatible polysaccharide whose hemostatic properties improve the ability of medical gauze to control bleeding. The firm, uniform coating of chitosan on the gauze ensures optimal interaction between chitosan and blood, allowing for effective bleeding control.

Chitosan helps reduce blood loss by helping the dressing conform to the wound while providing a physical barrier to prevent bleeding. This mechanism of action maintains local coagulation in and on the gauze to rapidly stop bleeding independent of the coagulation cascade. The dressing is easily adapted to wound surfaces with complex geometries to effectively stop bleeding.

  • Enables immediate bleeding control and ensures the best possible patient care in emergency and combat situations;
  • Economical: lower price than other alternatives;
  • Rapid hemostasis: Stops bleeding, ranging from slow blood seepage to major arterial bleeding in minutes;
  • Trusted: Proven battlefield and trauma performance.

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